go commando

Go Commando is a charity based in Taunton whose objects are to support the families, specifically the wives and children, of Royal Marines. The charity was formed in response to a particularly arduous tour for the local unit, 40 Commando, in Sangin, Helmand Province Afghanistan, where the unit lost many dead and injured. The charity supports the families of all Royal Marines, recognising the strains on family life imposed by the long periods of absence, sometimes in dangerous environments, of serving marines carrying out their military duties. Initially the charity supported crèches, wives fitness classes, family events and childcare facilities, as well as individuals in need. However, it has always been the charity’s ambition to provide that essential early learning environment for children, in a supportive civilian environment, as a means of integrating military families into the local community.  The Brambles Day Nursery is the realisation of that ambition and, under the guidance of its excellent professional team, the charity is determined to support the nursery in its development.