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The Brambles Day Nursery believe all children have the right to learn through exciting, stimulating and fun experiences which encourage them to be healthy and be happy and safe. In addition, they have the right to be valued and respected. We provide a relevant, balanced and exciting curriculum based on all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We feel it’s important to have a high-quality learning environment where the social and emotional needs of children are given top priority. British values are embedded in our day to day curriculum, teaching children to be kind, helpful and respectful, making children aware of themselves, others and the community.

The learning environment is fundamental in providing the children with a sense of security, belonging and effective learning. We provide the children with a learning environment that is appropriate to their age and individual needs. This will be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis to maintain the effectiveness of the provision.

We strongly believe in the importance of outdoor learning. There are enormous benefits to outdoor learning, some of these include risk taking, confidence building, problem solving. We will be incorporating forest school into nursery life.

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Go Commando serving The Royal Marines
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The Brambles Day Nursery is a project developed by the charity ‘Go Commando’ as part of its support to Royal Marine families. It provides early child development for children from both military families and for civilian families from the local community. Early learning is an essential part of a child’s development and military families can be disadvantaged because of their frequent moves. The aim is to provide a first class facility to cater for the needs of the children in a supportive civilian environment.

Forest School Every Day

At Forest School all children are viewed as equal and unique. They are given the opportunity to explore and discover their environment, experiencing appropriate risks and challenges. Children are able to choose and initiate their own learning, and in doing so develop positive relationships with themselves, others and their natural world.


We’re About The Little People…


All of our staff are dedicated professionals committed to the development of children through play and structured learning.


We are passionate about practical learning and creating an environment where every child will be given the opportunity to thrive.


At The Brambles we really do value the relationship between parent and provider. It’s very much a collaboration between us, you and of course your little one.


Throughout the year The Brambles will hold regular events that you as the parent will be most welcome to attend.

Meet Our Fabulous Managers

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