At Forest School all children are viewed as equal and unique, they are given the opportunity to explore and discover their environment, experiencing appropriate risks and challenges. Children are able to choose and initiate their own learning, and in doing so develop positive relationships with themselves, others and their natural world.

This child-centred approach allows the children to experience, with every Forest School session, the ever-changing moods and marvels, potential and challenges of the natural world through the seasons with every Forest School session with discovery and difference. Each session does have a common set of principles, aimed at ensuring that all children experience the lasting benefits that Forest School offers.

The principles of Forest School:

Forest School talks place in a natural or woodland area to support the development relationship between the children and the natural world. Forest School uses child-led direction to create a place for development and learning. Forest School is a process of regular sessions, not just a one off explore. There is a cycle of planning, observation, adaptation and review with each session.

Forest School aims to promote the holistic development of all children, with children emerging confident, creative and independent learners. In Forest School children are encouraged and supported in taking appropriate risks and challenging themselves.

Forest School is run by qualified practitioners.

The benefits of forest school include children being physically active throughout the session, fresh air, building their stamina and offering an opportunity to become physically fitter and healthier. The forest school environment gives children the opportunity to freely explore and manipulate a rich supply of natural resources and materials around them, using all of their senses. Activities are child led allowing them to be imaginative and creative, building their self-esteem and confidence without the restraints of man-made materials, toys and environment.

Forest School will be run on a daily basis, allowing all the children who attend the setting to have time out in the woods, ensuring they all get access and the real benefits that this amazing opportunity has to offer, all while they are in the safe grounds of their nursery.