On Friday 1st March, the children, parents, management, members of the Management Board and Trustees of Go Commando celebrated with one of the patrons of Go Commando, Lady Gass DCVO, the opening of The Brambles Day Nursery a year ago.

Our nursery is a unique, not for profit business, which provides a venue for the children of military families and the local community to come together. It also provides an ideal opportunity for the parents to mix and socialise. The charity Go Commando initiated and financed the nursery with the help of central and local government funding and charitable donations from, among others, The Royal Marines Charity, The Fairfield Foundation and The Soldier’s Charity. We have enjoyed a very busy and successful first year.

At the celebration, Kevin de Val, the Chair of Go Commando said:

‘Go Commando is passionate about the importance of early learning for our children – it is where they learn to interact with others, make friends and socialise with their peers – before they get caught up in the ‘digital world’. Outside play is a central feature of the nursery’s ethos. The Brambles has an open, warm, sunlit building looking out onto a large play area and a growing Forest School. Go Commando is committed to helping the Brambles grow into an outstanding early learning facility where children learn through fun and play’.

We have enjoyed a very busy and successful first year.  The Brambles is open for registrations and is open to all. Please contact us to arrange a visit and to discuss your childcare requirements.
Amy & Laura