Nursery Graduation Day – 10 July 2019

We had a very exciting day here at the nursery, when 10 of our children in the Owls room graduated. These children have been following our school readiness programme in which we promote the children’s independence and self-confidence. This includes skills like putting on their own shoes, feeding themselves, recognising and beginning to write their own name, leaving their parent/carer, tending to their toileting needs independently, sharing toys and cutting along a line. We aim to give the children the skills required to ensure their transition to school is smooth and the children are as prepared as they can be for this big step in their young lives.
Each child’s key worker has been busy completing the child’s development profile and this has been shared with the child’s reception class teacher. So all was ready for the Graduation Ceremony. The children were very excited in the morning helping Amy prepare the GRADUATION BANNER and certificates and ensuring nobody ate any of the home baked cookies before the graduation party.
Parents, siblings and carers arrived promptly at 1:30 pm. Amy was ‘master of ceremonies’ and handed out the certificates, and invited the children to have their photo taking in front of the graduation banner wearing the cap and gown. Following the official part of the day, the party began with singing, dancing and party food.
The Brambles team will miss the 2019 cohort of children who we have enjoyed nurturing during their lead up to this giant step, but wish them every success for the start of the new term in September.