Fun and games to celebrate the Royal Wedding

To celebrate the upcoming Royal wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle in June children at the Brambles Day Nursery invited their families to join them in the celebration. All the children made their own invitations to give to their family members, baked and decorated cakes for us to eat on the day and made union jack bunting using their hand prints to decorate around the nursery.
On the day parents and children joined in several activities, these included making necklaces with pasta painted the colours of the union jack and decorating crowns with sparkles and glitter. The children danced in the garden with their parents, had union jack flag face paints and popped lots of bubbles.
The Brambles children have been watching eggs hatch into caterpillars over the last few weeks, and then forming their chrysalis and emerging as butterflies. The children fed the butterflies some apple and satsuma and watched them feed. We kept them for a week or so and decided to use the opportunity of the wedding party to release the butterflies we had watched grow. The children got the opportunity to hold the butterflies on their hands before they flew away.
The children had a lovely time at the party and everyone all enjoyed their scones, cream and jam, victoria sponge, teas, coffee and juice.
Some comments made by the children following the party:

‘I liked the biscuits and cup of tea. The butterflies flew away back into their trees’
‘I liked the bubbles and the music. I liked the flags and my face paint’
‘I enjoyed eating the cupcakes and I went in the ballpit. We went outside and had bubbles, it was fun’.
‘It was fun, the cake. Rob came and I came. We let our butterflies go, they went in our hands then it flied away’.